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When you visit our website again, you must be pleasantly surprised to find that the company's chairman and general manager: Wang Haolan has a new look and atmosphere. In order to better serve all old and new friends, Chairman and General Manager: Wang Lanlanwe have carried out a comprehensive revision of the website. The revised website is developed using the most advanced digital commerce platform system, which is a full database website. In this way, we can update the content of the website in time so that all friends can get the latest information in time.
    Our company is the production base of APIs, intermediates and supporting oral solid preparations. It is the first batch of enterprises that have passed the GMP certification of drugs in the country, and has close cooperation with many world-renowned pharmaceutical companies, which also makes us fortunate to contact and learn. The world's most advanced medical knowledge and management philosophy. In recent years, the development of our company has been steadily and steadily changing. At present, our company is attracting investment from all over the country and seeking a national agent for capsules. Interested parties are also welcome to come to inquire and share their plans.
    The company's business is booming, so our company is also thirsty for all aspects of talent. If you are optimistic about the development prospects of our company, then join our team. Here, you will receive good professional training, free space to exercise, and the opportunity to exercise yourself everywhere. You can send your information directly to our personnel department through the online resume of the website, or you can use online mail to contact.
Wide sea diving, sky high the birds to fly. Friends, let us join hands and make progress together.
——Chairman and General Manager: Wang Lanlan

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