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Company Culture

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The formation of corporate culture is not a one-time process, but a process of accumulation and accumulation. It is also an embodiment of the management philosophy of managers.
Our company was transformed from the Suzhou Fifth Pharmaceutical Factory established in 1962. Therefore, the formation of corporate culture has been going on for more than 40 years. In 2003, the overall restructuring of our company was successful, and the whole factory was successfully relocated to the new factory. The corporate culture that the original state-owned enterprises followed must be the essence and the dross. Therefore, the company's leaders have made up their minds to resolutely reject the unfavorable part of the company's development, carry forward the part of the company's development, and inject fresh vitality, introduce modern management concepts, and work hard to make Suzhou Fifth Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd. in the new one. The wheel has a place in the international competition.
    The company has always strived to create a good working environment for every employee. Workshops, warehouses, offices around the green grass; workshop production line of workers labor protection supplies are fully equipped, the shop regularly carries out various inspections to eliminate potential safety hazards; modern office building, comfortable environment, fully equipped, through IT system management, The connection of all the computers of the whole company to the enterprise LAN has greatly improved the information transmission speed and work efficiency.
In addition to the hardware, the company organizes employee training every Saturday morning, or company leaders, or invites relevant experts to conduct special training related to the work. The company also sends employees to participate in professional training and outstanding performance. The opportunity for employees to go abroad to exercise. At the same time, the company also encourages employees to use their spare time to learn more about cultural knowledge and improve their personal accomplishment. The chairman of the company has played a leading role in this regard. She took time out of her busy schedule and took part in the Master of Business Administration program at a prestigious university in China, and her master's degree in 2004. Under the leadership of the chairman of the board, the employees of the company actively demanded progress and improved their knowledge.
    Of course, while creating conditions for employees, the company also requires employees to work diligently and treat each customer with enthusiasm and honestness. High quality, suitable price and dedicated customer service go hand in hand. Really leading the country in the field of API production.
We always adhere to the values ​​of the company and guide our work:
1. We provide innovative services to solve problems based on customer needs
2. Through development, we identify outstanding employees and cherish every employee.
3. We adhere to the principle of good faith and treat customers, employees and suppliers honestly and fairly, just as we want others to treat us.
4. We will give back to our investors with stable high recovery, so that every employee will benefit. We believe that as long as we persevere and keep up with the times, we have a bright future.

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