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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

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The formation of corporate culture does not happen overnight, but is a process of accumulation and continuous precipitation. It is also a reflection of the management philosophy of managers.
Our company was converted from Suzhou No.5 Pharmaceutical Factory, which was established in 1962. In 2003, our company was successfully restructured as a whole, and the whole factory was successfully moved to the new factory, so the corporate culture inherited from the original state-owned enterprise must be the essence and the dross. Therefore, the leaders of the company made up their mind to discard the parts that are unfavorable to the development of the company, to carry forward the parts that are favorable to the development of the company, and to inject fresh vitality, to introduce modern management concepts, to practice internal strength, and to make Suzhou No.5 Pharmaceutical Factory Co.

The company has always tried its best to create a good working environment for every employee. The workshops, warehouses and offices are surrounded by green grass; the labor protection equipment for workers in the production line is well equipped, and the workshops are regularly inspected to eliminate safety hazards; the modern office building is comfortable and well-equipped, and all computers in the company are connected to form a corporate LAN through IT system management, which greatly improves the speed of information transmission and work efficiency.
In addition to the hardware, the company organizes staff training every Saturday morning, either by the company's leaders or by inviting relevant experts to conduct training on topics closely related to their work, and also sends staff to attend professional training outside the company, as well as giving outstanding employees the opportunity to go abroad for training. At the same time, the company also encourages employees to make use of their spare time to learn more about culture and improve their personal cultivation. The chairman of the board of directors of the company leads by example in this regard. She took time out of her busy schedule to attend a master's degree course in business administration from a famous university in China, and obtained her master's degree in 2004. Driven by the chairman, the company's employees are actively seeking progress and improving their knowledge.

Of course, while the company creates conditions for its employees, it also requires them to work seriously and honestly and treat every customer with enthusiasm and fairness. High quality, suitable price, and enthusiastic customer service go hand in hand. We are truly a national leader in the field of API production.

We always insist on implementing our corporate values, which guide us in all our work: 1.

1. We provide innovative services that address the needs of our customers
2. We value each and every employee through development and recognition of outstanding performance.
3. We adhere to the principle of integrity, treating our customers, employees, and suppliers with the same honesty and fairness as we would like others to treat us.
4. We give back to our investors with stable and high recovery, so that every employee can benefit. We believe that as long as we persevere and keep advancing with the times, we will have a bright future.

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