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"Good youth you are the most beautiful" search activity - excellent staff Zhang Yang
"Good youth you are the most beautiful" search activity - excellent staff Zhang Yang 查看详情
Zhang Yang, now engaged in production planning and coordination in the company's production and supply department. Mature, rational and calm is the author's evaluation of him. Zhang Yang is a graduate student of Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology and an honorable Communist Party member. As a high achiever, he has the same excellent working ability. Since joining our company, he has worked in the Safety Equipment Department, the Precision Machinery Parts Division and the Production and Supply Department, and his work performance has been well received by the relevant leaders. Zhang Yang studied automation in his graduate studies, and although the content of his work today is not quite the same as his major, he is able to handle it with ease and comfort. In the conversation with Zhang Yang, I learned that when he was in the Precision Machinery Parts Division, he was responsible for the production planning of the department. In order to adapt to the lean management methods of famous foreign companies, he coordinated the department to actively improve the existing management, production and delivery methods to ensure the delivery time and quality of orders. The day's work was busy, but he also enjoyed it. Today, he is in charge of production planning and purchasing for a part of the Industrial Bearing Division in the Production and Supply Department. In just a month or so in the Production and Supply Department, he found many problems that he could not encounter in the Precision Machinery Parts Division and solved some of them, but he felt that many problems still had to be solved at the source. At this time, the company decided to implement the "Smart Manufacturing" project in order to improve the company's competitive strength and management efficiency, and he had the honor to participate in it and acted as the project assistant. He said that during the three weeks of the project, everyone in the project team worked hard to learn and cooperate with the project research for one goal, and they often had training and discussions outside of their normal work hours. Every night, he logged into the virtual system of the project in his apartment to familiarize himself with the functions and operations of the various modules of the system. As his learning continued, he would also often instruct key users on each module of the company to operate the system. "Although it was hard work, I was happy to help the members of the project team. After all, we are all working and striving for the same goal!" He said with a smile.
China's manufacturing PMI back on the Ronggu line economic bottoming out and stabilization 查看详情
China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, the National Bureau of Statistics Service Industry Survey Center released data on the 1st, October manufacturing PMI back above the 50% Rong Kuk line, reported 50.2%, up 0.4 percentage points from the previous month.    Cai Jin, vice president of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, pointed out that the PMI is back above the Rong Kuk line, indicating that the economic stabilization and rebound trend has been consolidated, and the economy is expected to be in a mild rebound in the fourth quarter.   Zhang Liqun, a researcher at the Development Research Center of the State Council, also believes that the PMI index continues to maintain a rebounding trend and is slightly above the threshold of 50%, indicating that the economy has bottomed out and stabilized.   PMI usually takes 50% as the dividing point of economic strength and weakness, PMI above 50% reflects the expansion of manufacturing economy; below 50%, it reflects the contraction of manufacturing economy. Previously, China's manufacturing PMI has been below 50% for two consecutive months.   From the 11 sub-indexes, only the backlog of orders index fell, the rest of the indexes have rebounded to different degrees. Among them, the purchase volume index, raw material inventory index rose significantly, by more than 1 percentage point.   Specifically, the new orders index reported 50.4%, up 0.6 percentage points over the previous month; production index rose 0.8 percentage points to 52.1%; new export orders index, import index reported 49.3% and 48.4%, respectively, up 0.5 percentage points and 0.7 percentage points over the previous month; purchase price index reported 54.3%, up 3.3 percentage points.   By industry, the textile and apparel industry, wood processing and furniture manufacturing, computer communications and electronic equipment and instrumentation manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, non-metallic mineral products industry and other 14 industries above 50%; metal products industry, tobacco products industry, paper printing and education, physical and recreational products manufacturing and other 7 industries below 50%.   Zhang Liqun analysis said, the new orders index, new export orders index, purchase volume index continues to rise, reflecting the basic end of enterprise inventory activities; is expected to end the future economic growth retracement, a small rebound.
China Axis Association Human Resources Work Conference held in Yinchuan
China Axis Association Human Resources Work Conference held in Yinchuan 查看详情
October 28, 2012, China Axis Association Human Resources Working Committee held in Yinchuan, Ningxia, the national bearing industry human resources work conference, more than 60 representatives from key backbone enterprises of the national bearing industry attended the meeting. China Bearing Industry Association Executive Vice President Wang Quanqing, Deputy Secretary General Dong Jinan, Deputy Director of the Human Resources Working Committee and Secretary-General Liu Hui and other leading comrades attended the meeting, the meeting also invited SKF (China) Ltd. human resources manager attended the meeting.  The meeting was chaired by Liu Hui. Ltd. delivered a welcome speech, and Wang Quanqing, Executive Vice Chairman of the Association, made a report at the conference. Wang Quanqing said in the report, the human resources work conference is held in the current international and domestic economic situation is complex and changing situation. He said that the bearing industry from January to September economic operation has seen a sustained downward trend, key contact enterprises bearing business income, down 8.93% year-on-year, bearing production fell 3.66%, bearing sales fell 7.14%, bearing inventory than the year-on-year growth of 10.8%, total profits fell 32.78% year-on-year, export earnings also increased by 13% year-on-year at the beginning of the year, to September Year-on-year growth of only 0.3%, the industry's economic operation has been more difficult, this situation is likely to continue to the next two months and next year. The whole industry should adhere to the main line of changing the development mode, in the industry transition period, actively respond to the impact of the international economic crisis to our industry, and stabilize the development situation of the industry. Wang Quanqing in the report also fully affirmed the achievements of human resources work of the industry enterprises in recent years, and proposed that in the current new situation and the transformation period of the industry, we should focus on studying the new situation, the new situation, innovative human resources management work concept, develop human resources strategy and development planning, improve the level of human resources management, and play a supporting role of human resources management in the implementation of the "12th Five-Year Plan". The meeting listened to the work report made by Liu Hui on behalf of the 4th HR Working Committee to the General Assembly, which reviewed and summarized the work of the 4th Committee and made suggestions for the work of the 5th Committee. In this meeting, the Human Resources Working Committee held a general election and elected the 5th Human Resources Working Committee Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the leading body. After the election, the executive vice chairman of China Axis Association and other comrades issued appointment letters to the newly elected leading members of the 5th HR Working Committee. The meeting also held a human resources forum, in the forum SKF (China) Limited and Tianma, axis research technology, Henan Science and Technology, Qianchao bearing, Longxi, Fuyang bearing, Shandong Province, Linqing City, Small and Medium Enterprises Bureau and Luoyang bearing and other units of human resources department leaders were on the talent strategy, talent team building, people-oriented, harmonious development, labor, human resources management transformation, as well as the price of human resources management international exchange, respectively, the meeting also on the bearing industry transformation period of human resources management focus on the group discussion. After the meeting, the delegates went to Northwest Bearing Co., Ltd. and listened to the introduction of general manager Li Shuming's Western Axis situation and development plan, and visited the production site of Western Axis.
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